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Welcome to Studio Alis’ workshop

We specialize in wood work

Our work is based around the use of artisanal processes with a wide range of techniques and finishes. We restore using classic methods, paint in variety of styles, upholster and fix woven cane.

We offer free estimates at your home (in Barcelona metropolitan area).

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This process consists of maintaining the original characteristics and appearance of the furniture, returning the wood to its full splendour through the appropriate manual work for each piece according to its style and era.                       View gallery >>


A process of transformation in order to give furniture a new life. Either by providing a different or surprising touch of colour or upholstery, or by a total change of appearance, or even use, matching its personality to that of its owner.     View gallery >>

Specialising in furniture restoration, furniture decoration, upcycling, furniture renovation, painting furniture.

In our furniture workshop studio we restore furniture, decorate furniture, paint furniture, upholster chair, upholster armchair, upholster sofa, upholster seat. 

If you are looking to upholster a chair, replace or repair cane woven seat, we are the workshop studio in barcelona for you.

If you wish to paint your furniture, table, chairs, just send us fotos and ask for a quote. 

If you are a fan of vintage decor and homedecor we are your vintage shop in barcelona. 
We sell renovates furniture, restores furniture, vintage furniture, vintage lighting, vintage mirrors, vintage decoration.
We also sell online vintage shop.


Apart from upholstering any piece, we can advise you on finding the right fabric according to the style, space and your personal taste. Whether you wish to give the piece a totally different look with combinations of printed and plain fabrics or opt for a more neutral and serene look.            View gallery >>



We restore woven cane furniture, whether it is a traditional hand-stitched grid or a pre-woven grid.

We start with a dynamic concept of the furniture and believe that all furniture has more than one life; from furniture with a historical or emotional value that you might have inherited or bought, to something  you might have found on the street, everything can be restored to its original state or be renovated to become a piece with a new, unique style.

We want all projects to be as personalized as possible, so we encourage the client to accompany the creative process to find the most appropriate solution for each case. We can advise on the suitable styles for each item according to its type, the space where its destined to be placed and the use it will be given.


If you have a piece of furniture that you wish to restore, transform or upholster, contact us. If not, you can choose one from our Pending Restoration collection.